The season of holiday corporate functions and parties is right around the corner. While it is a merry time of year, it can also be exceedingly stressful for the party planners who have to work behind the scenes. There is enormous pressure these days to outdo what others are doing. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind to help the process go more smoothly.

The Plan

A well-defined plan is one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal when organizing a private holiday event. It may seem extreme, but you should start thinking about winter ideas in the summer and actively planning by the fall. More importantly, before taking action or spending money, ensure that everything is well prepared. A solid strategy can help you avoid getting carried away during the process, not just in terms of money but also in terms of the stress of getting lost in the minutiae. Things like deciding on the event style, timing the invites, buying decorations, and preparing food and drink options can quickly get out of control without a list.

The Venue

The venue is the second most important party planning phase after choosing the date. Ideally, you should select a centrally located space so your guests won’t have to travel far. Depending on the theme, you can factor atmosphere into that portion of the budget. Ask the management about decor and what is acceptable. Spend part of the funds on a decorative theme if the location is too neutral.

The Details

The details are what make a party truly memorable. Whether it’s a casual or a black-tie affair, take your function to the next level with special touches like party favors, photo booths, or food trucks. Before you start planning the menu, ensure you have the kitchen equipment to prepare the food. Ambiance and decor are also game-changers. Setting the mood through lighting can create a magical atmosphere during an event, whether an informal after-hours gathering or a more sophisticated gala in a ballroom or a private home. Hundreds of candles or thousands of lights can be used to create a mood of magic, and you can adjust the settings in the space to create the ideal environment. You can then build on the atmosphere with other unique guest experiences and creative décor elements.