Chris Janese

CEO at The Green Room

Chris Janese is the CEO and Head of Client Strategy at The Green Room. Located in sunny San Diego, CA, The Green Room was created with one goal in mind — to get you the talent you want where you want it. With a strategic eye for management and creativity, Chris brings his three plus decades of experience at some of the largest and most intricate productions in the industry at globally recognized companies such as CA Technologies, Juniper Networks, Intel, SAP, Allergan, Scura, Ariel Investments, and Starbucks.

With his role at the Green Room, Chris works closely with the executive management team with the core accounts to help define their ultimate objectives, constantly striving to help manage the team in a manner that produces excitement around the goal while crushing it every single time. This attitude is what help assure the events The Green Room create are centered around one thing: achieving the client’s goals and objectives.

“One of the interesting things about private event planning is the fact that you want to keep it, well..private.” Chris says with a chuckle when asked about his day to day work. “

It’s a really interesting line of work both in regards to the talent you work with as well as the way you go about planning the event – it really tests your detail and creativity – and I like the juxtaposition of those two.”

Before his work with the Green Room, Chris Janese served as the President at G&R Live for thirteen years. Chris is a graduate of Belmont University with a BA in Business Administration and Music Business, and upon graduation he entered into the role of Executive Vice President at TBA Global – and he hasn’t really looked back since.

When not working, Chris Janese has made it a point to travel all around the world. From Bali to the Bahamas. Chris has lived a life that has taken him around the world and back. “We’ve really made it a point to take our children traveling from an early age — to get them out and see the world; different places, faces, and to stretch their thinking and expand their horizons.” For Chris, travel isn’t just a way to have a ton of fun but a way in which you can gain wisdom and insights from the people around the world.

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