Whether you’re hosting a pop-up, holiday party, meeting, concert, or launching an event, the space you pick for your event matters! The location of the venue is one of the most significant decisions you have to make when hosting an event. The area becomes even more important once you realize that the event space will be used for more than just sitting and talking! The venue is a major part of the experience!

Picking the right venue can help set your event apart from any other event someone is attending that year. Choosing an unexpected site will keep your guests talking for months to come! Check out some of the following unique spaces for your next event.

Parking Lots

Parking lots are everywhere, and they can host a wide variety of events. A parking lot is the perfect space to host a pre-party since they are located outside the biggest and most expensive venues! Adding food trucks and other food stands can help define a perimeter for the event, and adding live music in the middle of the lot adds to your entertainment. When it comes to hosting an event in a parking lot, the opportunities for events are endless!


Most of the hottest nightclubs sit empty during the day. They come equipped with lighting, sound, food facilities, and ambiance. These vast spaces can host a variety of events, from team meetings to retirement lunches to birthday parties. You can even transform your presentations into content for the DJs to create a mix for your event. The DJ can take any simple event and turn it into something spectacular. 

Airport Tarmacs & Hangers

Airport tarmacs and hangers are no longer just spaces for music videos. They are the perfect location to launch products and are located in every city! In smaller, more suburban areas, the airport closes at dusk, which means your event can be staged right on the runway. 

Art Schools

Art schools are a space to see works in progress. They allow you to put your meeting’s content points on canvasses and let event attendees physically move from idea to idea. Anything can be placed on a PowerPoint or Google Slide presentation. You can also have local art students create pieces during the event that are tied to the theme of the event. What once was a conventional event is now an unconventional, attention-grabbing meeting!