In a world where people cannot leave their house without a mask and hand sanitizer, it is hard to imagine any big social gatherings like a concert or convention. These events seem like a distant memory at this point in the pandemic. Many individuals are wondering what the future of private events will look like in a post-pandemic era.


Event Planning

Event planners have had to constantly adapt their plans during the pandemic. A lot of people have ended up canceling their events because of the fear of spreading the pandemic to friends and loved ones. There is no doubt that people will still have events in the future but they will look a lot different. Event planners have to be equipped with all the up-to-date social distancing requirements to plan successful private events where everyone feels safe.



Hopefully, airlines will continue to utilize thorough sanitization procedures that have been put in place because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the pandemic continues, you can expect to see continued social distancing requirements and mask mandates on flights. It is expected that as the spread of COVID-19 decreases, flight traffic will increase.


Convention Centers

In order to meet social distancing guidelines, vendors and event planners will need to work together to make use of what space is available in large convention or event centers. There is no doubt that there will be fewer people allowed in these spaces when they make a return because of COVID-19. During this time, an emphasis should be placed on making some experiences virtual to make the most out of the space that is available and still keeping people involved as much as possible.


The New Norm

Once businesses and planners make it through the pandemic, they should all take time to reflect on the changes that were put into place. A lot of the mandated changes were things that should have been happening already. This especially applies to sanitation procedures. Temperature checks may be put in large event centers to reduce the spread of illnesses that are not related to COVID-19. These types of safety precautions will make people feel safer resuming their normal life that seems like a thing of the past.