Even though the event you’re planning may have a smaller target audience, you will still have to let those people know about it. There are few ways you can use digital marketing to promote your event without reaching a broader audience. These tips can help you spread the word only to those you do want to reach.

Start Early Enough

You’re not going to want to spring the news of your event on your intended guests at the last minute, so planning ahead is important. Typically, you should begin promoting the event a few months in advance, so you can ensure your intended guests will fit it into their schedules. If it’s a company Christmas party, or another holiday event, you may want to provide up to six months of advance notice.

Use Social Media

While social media marketing is used by businesses big and small, it can be even more effective in promoting a private event to select a handful of people. There’s a good chance that everyone you want to invite is already connected through a network of friends on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. That will make it easier to spread the news to them without attracting the general public. You can let your intended audience know through a “friends only” post, or via a group message.

Emails and Text Messaging

SMS marketing, or promotions sent through text messages, are gaining in popularity, partly because it has become much easier to reach people on their smartphones. Sending a text message, or an email, is the best way to provide time-sensitive information when you know who you want to reach. Use a guest list from a previous similar event to organize your invites to make it easier to send out mass emails, or SMS messages.

In addition to the tips mentioned here, you can also rely on word of mouth and ask those who RVSP to get in touch with others you might want to invite. This will help you maximize your reach without spreading the word too publicly. If your event is intended to be open to the public in a local area, you can also take out ads in area newspapers, or post flyers in local shops. As you begin marketing your event, don’t be afraid to experiment with ideas of your own. As long as you keep your target audience in mind, you can have fun experimenting with new ideas to promote your event.