Whether you are throwing a dinner party or a hosting a concert, keeping private events out of the public eye is becoming harder and harder, the more social media-obsessed we become. From the promotion of the event to the actual event, they come in different shapes and sizes, and keeping it private is continuing to change as technology continues to evolve. The following are just some of the ways event companies have been able to crack down on privacy issues.


When it comes to promoting a private event, find the right time to promote will depend on the target audience. Once that target audience is defined, you can create a private event to invite your guests. Regardless of the audience, you can use online channels to send invitations. The following are just some of the ways to promote your private event online:

  • Email list
  • Facebook Event set to private
  • Twitter DMs
  • Instagram DMs
  • LinkedIn Messenger
  • SnapChat Lists

When it comes to inviting anyone, you do not have to reinvent the wheel; you have to make sure the event is kept private when listed on social media sites and the understanding is in place that the event is private if it is shared via direct messages or emails. 

Communication Systems

Secrecy is critical for a private event, and the communication between the host and the other parties involved must be considered. Depending on the client, that will determine your communication system. It might be better to communicate with clients after typical business hours. 

Security Checkpoints

One of the best ways to protect guests at a private event is by creating security checkpoints. This forces anyone who isn’t supposed to be there to confront security personal or registration staff long before any damage can be done. 

Screen Your Staff

Sadly, most leaks come from the staff on the inside. It’s important to vet the employees you are hiring for the event. Run background checks on everyone, and if the person you are hiring will have access to large sums of money, do not hesitate to run a credit check on them. You should also instruct your staff to look out for people who do not belong and are posing as staff. To eliminate the risk, outfit your team with a unique identifier like a wristband, stamp, or T-shirt!

Most people think planning a private event is something that can be done overnight. But to do it well, it takes a lot of planning and foresight to put all the pieces into play and make sure the event will be completely private.