The event ticketing industry has come a long way in the past 30 years. Getting tickets for a show used to mean driving to or calling a box office. Tickets were printed on paper. In the 1990s, companies like TicketMaster changed all of that. In the past few years, ticketing apps have emerged, and many found their niches. These apps are great tools that make ticketing a production or going to an event more frictionless than ever before.

Tonic Ticketing

Tonic Ticketing is a service with a well-defined service. Based in the UK, this company offers ticketing solutions for the business to business marketplace. That means they don’t market to the general public. Specializing in B2B services means that Tonic Ticketing can relax when it comes to marketing and focus on delivering a great experience.


Eventbrite is a much more accessible and reliable tool. This is a ticketing system that’s designed for everyone. Eventbrite is known for being user-friendly. When it comes to tickets for free events, Eventbrite is fee-free for users. For paid ones, the service does collect a fee. Eventbrite has a large, broad ticketing pool. Using this platform is an excellent way to ensure plenty of people find out about an event. is another reliable option for ticketing. This company has a reputation for excellent service. Whether it’s producers or ticket buyers, understands how to maintain good relationships with business partners.’s platform makes it easy to sell admission to events from several devices, including smartphones. This company also offers a comprehensive way to plan events. makes it easy to get feedback from customers with features like surveys and social media posts. This helps event producers to target their desired audience much more effectively.

Python Events

Python Events is one of the more pricey ticketing apps. It offers several advantages compared to competitors. For example, it’s easy to customize and scale in Python Events. Customers can use an interactive seat selection feature. For planners, the platform provides benefits like fast payouts. Organizers also retain all of the data collected from purchasers, along with all the booking fees. That’s one reason event producers don’t mind paying the fees associated with this service.