Finding an event location with the right environment is just the first stage of success when planning an event. Inexperienced event planners almost always run into problems with their event venues before, during or after the event has taken place. This is usually due to ignorance concerning how event venues book their spaces and offer their services. Before you book a private event venue by signing on the dotted line, be sure you ask the organizers the right questions. Knowing a few key bits of information can make the difference between success and a waste of time and money.

What if Fewer People Attend?

Not everyone expected to attend an event shows up, and the difference between the expected number and those that show is known as the slippage. The penalty to be paid depends on the minimum acceptable percentage number established by the owners of the event venue. If this percentage number is too high, event planners will most likely pay a penalty for this. Saving money on unexpected expenses by finding out what this percentage is before signing the contract is the smart thing to do.

Are There Any Hidden Costs?

Along with fees associated with failing to meet the targeted attendance numbers, there might be other costs that are not openly discussed unless event planners ask about them. These costs could include binding cancellation fees. Available parking is another issue not to forget about. Is there free parking available, and where exactly is it located? If there is parking at the location itself, is it free or is there a parking fee? These questions should be answered well beforehand for the event planner’s peace of mind.

What Restrictions are There?

There will usually be specific times that the event venue will be open for all that is needed to prepare for the event. These include set-up, delivery of food and beverages and other things associated with having a successful event. Additionally, this kind of work is often restricted to just one day before the day of the event itself, and only within a certain time frame. On the other hand, if the right questions are asked, event planners might be surprised to find that certain items and services are included at no extra cost on the venue’s part.