The word adaptability is often used when we talk about events in 2022. It’s important that event planners and venues are ready to adapt to the changes that will happen in the future. To help make your job easier, we’ve listed a few event trends that will be important to professional planners in 2022.

Increased Health and Safety Protocols

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, various health and safety protocols have become the norm at events. This will only become more prominent as we continue to navigate the pandemic and get a better idea of what event-goers are comfortable with. It’s also important that event planners follow the guidelines established by the venue and the city they’re in. Having the proper equipment and procedures can help make the event run smoothly.

Hybrid Events

Speaking of the pandemic, it’s important that event planners continue to adapt based on new variants. One of the most common changes that will happen in 2022 is the emergence of hybrid events. These types of events are integral to our current climate as people navigate their own comfort levels as well as the potential of catching COVID or other illnesses with many places in the world returning to normal. More hybrid events mean event planners need to look into more virtual event software, such as utilizing the metaverse. Event planners need to be quick to allow hybrid options for their events if they want to be successful in 2022.

More Personalization

Today, guests are looking for more personalization at their events. They want to have a say in the planning process and have a say in the various aspects of the events they attend.

One of the easiest ways to get guests involved is by sending out a survey before the event. This allows them to provide their feedback and help make the event more personalized. Another great tool to help prepare for next year is a post-event survey.

With the help of apps, event planners can easily create a location for their event and keep track of all of the details. They can also add additional options for guests after the event. It’s important to remember that personalization and creativity are still in demand in 2022.